What NBN Plan Is Best for Your Small Business

Choosing the proper NBN plan for your small business can mean the difference between success and failure. The more reliant you are upon the internet, the more important your service will be to you. You do not want to have a connection that is too slow for your needs, but you do not want to pay for more than what you actually need. 

Before we get started with the list of things you need to look for in a plan, we need to make sure that you understand exactly what the NBN is. It stands for National Broadband Network. It is a privately owned wholesale company that has removed most of the copper wires that were close to their end of life and replaced them all with fiber optics lines. This makes for a smoother, more consistent connection across all the markets, with less lag and drops. 

  1. Compare-The most important thing to do is compare plans between every supplier in the area. When running a business time is short because time is money. It will save you tons of time and headaches if you use an online platform that compares the plans for you. From there you can go through them and decide which one works best. Remember that the cheapest plan is not always the best. You need to match your needs with the plan that you choose.
  2. Speed-How fast you need your service will be the first decision that you need to make. There are several NBN plans, ranging from slow to fast. The slower the connections are the cheaper that your costs will be for it. But you also need to keep in mind that the slower speeds will affect your daily internet use. If you use the internet most of the day, you will want a plan that gives you faster response times. Analyze your specific needs and go with the plan that works for you.
  3. Rights-It is important that you know your rights as a small business owner, and that you understand them. The provider that you choose will give you a Key-Facts Sheet that details everything that you will need to know with your service. It covers such things as making you aware that if the power goes out your NBN service will not work. It will also inform you of what the typical download speeds will be during peak hours. The page will give you some suggestions about checking for a few things before getting your service. For instance, you need to make sure that your business is compatible with NBN, and that your alarm system can work with the fiber optic system.
  4. Backup Strategies-This is customary practice with any business, but it is necessary to mention it here. You need to have a backup plan in place in case your internet service does go down. Business service is usually more dependable than home ones, but you truly never know when something might happen to shut your power down. If you rely heavily on the internet you will need to have a secondary source of connection. If not, you can take a couple of hours off and go fishing. If you do not like fishing you can go play a round of golf. When you get back everything should be up and running.
  5. Customer Support-As a business owner there is not room for issues with your NBN connection, but as we all know, things happen. The internet supplier that you decide to go with will need to have some type of customer service so you can get ahold of a human, not just a chat bot or computer phone answering system. It is an important aspect of a supplier that you need to check into. Even if the company is your best option, if they have little or no customer service you need to move on to the next option. It will be good if everything works correctly, but when the system does go down you need to be able to get someone on the other end of the phone that can actually help you.

Choosing the correct NBN service for your small business is not as complicated as you may think. Just remember that you want your business connection to be faster than the one that you have at home. Business applications need to be fast, especially if you are taking orders and processing them as soon as possible. It does you no good if it takes an hour or two for an order to go through. 

One of the most important things that you need to remember to do is to read the contract carefully. Make sure there are no hidden charges or exclusions. There should not be a price increase after a brief time, and you should get what you pay for. 

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