TopMarketCap Reviews 2021 –How This Broker Stands Out From The Rest?

Trade has been central to my life for nearly 30 years. My family has been in the trading business for as long as I can remember. My father was a trader when I was but a child and my mother ran a trading firm. They had of course retired by now and were living a good life with their earnings. I too wanted the same success my parents had received when they were at the height of their profession and seeing them living carefree inspired me to reach for the stars and do my best.

By the time I graduated as a business trader the trading system had undergone extreme changes. For once there was a new trading system available for traders which meant that now beginners had the choice of choosing which method they wanted to use to trade with international assets. Although I wanted to follow in my parents’ footsteps, I did want to distinguish myself as a trader and make a name for myself. This is why I chose the online trading system instead of conventional trading systems that were widely used in the era my parents had worked.

The online trading system is a lot different from the conventional system in many ways. First, it is accessible to almost everyone with a smartphone and an internet connection. It has a larger support system as compared to the previous trading system considering that it uses a worldwide infrastructure as its basis of operation. This system still has a few kinks that need to be ironed out. I only chose this system because traders believe that the online system is all set to replace the traditional system in a few years and it is quite clear that this is happening. The last thing I wanted to do was start working on an obsolete system that is gradually losing industry support.

When I joined the online trading system there were practically no reviews regarding the multiple trading platforms recommended by my search engine and I wasn’t about to waste all my money by testing them all. After careful consideration, I devised a plan that helped me isolate the factors that affected the performance of trading platforms the most and were able to single out a couple of trading platforms that were trustworthy and verified by industry regulators. After testing out these trading platforms, I decided to go with TopMarketCap as my daily driver and I am writing this review for other beginners who will one day need to choose a platform from where they can trade with other financial businessmen of the world.

Now there were a lot of factors that affected my decision but I was able to differentiate among those which were most prominent and figure out the reason that made them so effective. Here are the basic factors that helped me choose TopMarketCap as my go-to trading platform.

  1. Secure and Dependable
  2. Convenient access
  3. Transaction system
  4. Account management

Secure and Dependable

I for one am obsessed with security. I remember my mother having fits whenever one of her employees would forget to lock the safe at her office. She used to always state that the security of valuable assets are the backbone of any business and one would be a fool to take security lightly. That’s where I got my security obsession and every trading platform that compromised on security had no chance of getting onto my list of options under any circumstances.

Security on TopMarketCap was different from other trading platforms. For one the platform used encrypted passwords that allowed users to secure their accounts themselves and ensure that no third party would be able to access them without their approval.

There are very few trading platforms that offer high-security measures and most do not even register themselves with industry regulators. TopMarketCap had an edge over the other platforms from the start when it detailed the entire security protocols set in place to provide assurances to users that they do not need to worry about their data. My mother had to worry about security since her firm used conventional methods.

Convenient Access

My father was a day trader. He was pretty much always at the NYSE every day when the bell rang and the trading began. He had a hands-on telling of what stock to buy and what stock to avoid. He most likely was the perfect analyst for his broker considering that he was after all a trader. However, at certain times I recall him not being able to make trades himself in real-time while on official business trips. Trading using traditional methods was unbearably inconvenient. It’s one of the reasons why I opted for the online trading system since this system was almost entirely based on the internet which could be accessible in a majority of regions around the world.

TopMarketCap has an interesting policy when it comes to providing uninterrupted access to its users in different regions of the world. You see the thing is while the internet is available to almost every country on earth, there are complications at times. TopMarketCap has servers placed in all the essential economic regions of the world but it still lacks support in some third world countries. I imagine they will eventually provide support in other regions as well when they restart their expansion.

Transaction System

Making transactions on a trading platform is hard since it requires a lot of steps and depositing or withdrawing earnings using traditional systems was quite the hassle. My parents were usually fed up and only withdrew their earnings every month to avoid going through the hassle of dealing with the outdated system. TopMarketCap has many tools that connect the earnings report directly to the transaction systems offered to customers. The systems include VISA, MasterCard and Bank Wire.

I do wish that there were more options for users who trade in different countries but the included access points are more than enough for anyone to support their business.

Account Management

Choosing an account on TopMarketCap wasn’t exactly hard. The options offered made it easy for me to choose. I had decided to start at the bottom and slowly move to the top. The account distribution on this platform is beginner-friendly. I was surprised to see a mainstream platform like TopMarketCap have so many offers in place for beginners. They still did have separate account types for professional traders but it was good that they catered to a diverse range of traders instead of serving only one.

The sign up process was relatively simple with most of the information about how to get registered was provided by the platform itself via descriptive paragraphs which detailed the exact requirements for each step. I chose the self-managed account first since it was as beginner as it gets. After a while of trading with the nearly 200 assets available on the platform, I upgraded my account. Soon I was at the top using the diamond account type that had its perks. Getting to the ultra-exclusive account type was not easy. The account manager was hard to get a hold of at times but after a little wiggling, I was able to get invited to the Libra account type.

There are a few missed opportunities I believe the trading platform could have provided. Basically, during the signup process, the site asked for phone numbers and from my perspective, the numbers provided were limited in their capabilities to handle the account. The effect was minimal and wasn’t exactly as noticeable as I thought but it did make me think about the possible advantages of allowing more options. If the platform was so efficient when it was limited in its performance then imagine how much more streamlined the trading procedure would have been if the platform allowed for more options.

All in all, I liked the management system. It was direct and rarely required any support assistance. In situations where I did have to call the support team, the issues were quickly resolved and I was able to resume trading within a couple of minutes.

Closing Argument

Online trading has come a long way and while yes there are still a lot of issues that need to be resolved, I believe that I made the right decision. Because issues will always occur. I’ve watched my parents go through similar issues but it was way worse back then. Now with online trading, TopMarketCap has helped me a lot. I would say that online trading is probably the best way forward and thetrading industry seems to agree with this sentiment since they are actively planning to switch their entire system onto the internet to allow more people to invest in the world’s economy. I have high hopes for my future with TopMarketCap and for now, I will be sticking with it as my trading platform of choice.


This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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