The Investment Center Reviews 2021 – Is this broker worth your time and money?

You must have heard stories from your elders or senior traders about how hard trading used to be back when they entered. Trading, like any other profession, has evolved all these years at a very pace to come into the present shape. My dad used to tell me how he had to plan out a day every week to visit the stock exchange. He said it used to be the highlight of the week for some while others thought of it as nothing but a hectic activity. With the passage of time, forex firms emerged and a large number of traders went rushing to join it. This was only because forex firms were offering a lot at a place. From indicators to experts and tools everything was available in the palm of your hand and this allowed the traders to continue working from the comfort of their houses. What seemed too fictional to be true was now happening and no one was overwhelmed at the response. 

With the massive response and liking of these firms, we saw many more forex firms coming into the market. Each one of these had its own set of features and specs and different traders with variable needs kept picking the right ones. But soon we saw things going the way they shouldn’t have. We now entered the era where many fake firms were gradually showing up. These imposters were getting into the game back then but now they have mastered the art of trapping young traders who are too naive to spot them. It was hard initially but now it has become harder because with time they have brought in a lot of innovation in their methods. 

It’s not that I have remained immune to their attacks, in fact, I have signed up for around 4 fake forex firms and each one of them was more horrible than the last. But I did not give up, in fact, I learned and grew. Now I can easily distinguish between a fake and a real forex firm. All these years I have seen many traders come and leave both successful and unsuccessfully. Just recently, I met someone who took me back to the time when I was first robbed by a fake firm. Meeting him made me realize that I should review my firm for you all in a way that you can see what qualities and shortcomings The Investment Center has and then you can decide if this broker is worth the shot or not. 

I joined this firm a few years back and ever since then I have been a satisfied customer. Although I have been coming across some problems, I guess that happens to all the customers no matter what world-class firm they have joined. The Investment Center has some issues too and I will try to discuss some of these as I keep pointing out the commendable features. I hope by the end of this review, you’ll be at the next step of your research with a clear picture in mind about what the broker looks like and how a trader like me looks at it. I would also like to mention that my views are not something standard. Some might find it superb while others find it just okay. Although I have seen the administration work hard to make the platform a better forum for all traders with variable needs, I am here to give you an account of how it has been for me all these years. 

Tools and Indicators

Tools and indicators of a forex firm are something one should always look into before formally signing up for it. It is so because imposters these days have come up with astonishing tactics to steal money through fake indicators without your realizing it. I was a customer of a firm that had robots employed to operate the tools. These were programmed to make the results look real because of the pattern they followed but on checking, I got to know that the values were way different from those the other platforms showed. By showing you cooked values, they charge more than the actual money and you keep paying without thinking. Well, here at The Investment Center, there’s no such thing. The firm is very honest with the customers. I love the charting tool and the displayed stock bar at the top in particular. The displayed coloured arrows allow one to quickly see what the stocks are up to. I like how the company has designed the website in a way that allows maximum customization. I wish there was a date and time bar at the top which allows us to keep a track of the time and time zone differences. 

The Overall Website

The overall look of the website is great. I am forever thankful to the developers for making the background light. I don’t understand how people carry out trading operations with all the darkness. Reading charts demands a lot of attention and concentration. With a dark-coloured chart backdrop, it is hard to read out exact values and this is why the operations are hindered greatly. It’s not only the backdrop, in fact, but the colour palette of the website is also very engaging and attractive. Blue text is easy to read. I also like how they have added videos and highlighted the important text to make the options easier to find. The addition of videos doesn’t only make the website engaging but also helps the traders which are new to the forum to get introduced to it. 

If you are using the website on your phone, you’ll see they have added a back to top button which makes navigation easier. I have to say The Investment Center has a very well laid out website which is easy to use for both the new and the experienced traders. Because the website has a lot to do with trading efficiency so I particularly looked if the website was user friendly beforehand. 

Ease of Access

When a broker is truly caring about its customers then it is reflected through various aspects of the website. The website has been made available on multiple devices such as laptop, phone, tablet, etc. This is done only to ensure that you never miss a deal only because you forgot to carry your laptop. When you are trading, you have to keep travelling so your partner should also be capable of going places with you.  In order to make sure your devices remain safe they have laid it out in a way that there is no need to make any external installations because such third parties can prove to be a great danger to your data and your privacy. In fact, if your device is connected to the internet then all you need is an internet browser. I have to say this is a feature of The Investment Center which is popular amongst all the consumers because it is equally easy to use no matter what device you are using. 

Payment Options

At The Investment Center, you will see that the company lets you pay using multiple ways. A good firm would keep working on adding more options because their sole aim should be facilitating the customer. Currently, the broker lets you make use of a total of 4 options. These include Maestro, Mastercard, Bankwire, and Bitcoin. The addition of Bitcoin is particularly commendable keeping under consideration the growing popularity of the crypto around us. There are a very small number of firms online that let you pay in bitcoin and this feature reflects that the company keeps in touch with the changing trends. However, I see that there is no option for PayPal as of yet. Keeping in mind the ever-growing popularity of the broker, it should be added as soon as possible. 


There’s one more thing that I want you all to know before you join the firm. I understand how the majority of the traders fully understand the language English and are comfortable with it but there is a huge chunk that isn’t and it would not be wise to ignore them anymore. Currently, the firm is offered in two languages which clearly isn’t enough. Since the broker has been taking care of customer needs in a proactive manner, I expect this issue will be addressed soon. 


The Investment Center has successfully managed to win my and millions of other hearts by providing satisfactory services. The broker has some flaws which can be improved but despite them, I can safely say that this is the best out of the ones that I have had before. I have never felt that my assets are at stake. All this confidence in the firm has come over a period of years and I know reading a review isn’t enough to quickly sign up. But I end this with a hope that now you pretty much have an idea about what good can The Investment Center bring you. 

Disclaimer:This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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