The Countdown for the NFT Drops of the World’s First P2E Cricket Game has Begun

Since blockchains have been in existence for more than a decade, different applications based on them have been popular among people at various timeframes. It all started with the craze on cryptocurrencies in the early 2010s, which has been slowly becoming accepted in more countries as this blog is being written. Alongside cryptocurrencies came applications based on these digital currency tokens that aimed at exchanging and generating capital for new startups based on the crypto world. 

Then, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were born, which provided the ability to stay uniquely while providing proof of ownership and verifying authenticity. Although NFTs were existent as early as 2014, it was during the latter part of the 2010s that these tokens began to establish themselves in the crypto world. But, it was not until late-2021 when a sudden high tide started for NFTs that has been alive till now. The NFT wave ensured that creators really got rewards for their hard work throughout their life, and hobbyists could now earn from their hobbies.

Talking about hobbies, gaming has become a popular hobby since the first games got launched in the 1970s. A notorious claim on the gaming domain until very recently has been the inability for the gamers to take back what they had spent in any means, although fun was guaranteed. With blockchain technology blessing us with NFTs, the concept of play-to-earn (P2E) has become popular, and various NFT games have demonstrated how successful the field might be in the future. 

Play-to-Earn NFT Games

With play-to-earn NFT games, people in some of the biggest developing countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, and the Philippines eagerly adopted these games as the money earned from playing such games was more than what full-time jobs gave them. Add the global pandemic and associated long lockdowns, these NFT games became super popular among people, and many of them made gaming their full-time work. This has gone to the extent of someone mentioning playing such P2E NFT games as their only income source. 

So far, play-to-earn NFT games have been based on battles, racing, and sports. Some of the famous NFT games are Axie Infinity, the Sandbox, Sorare, and Faraland, with more of them generating craze among hardcore gamers.

World’s First NFT Cricket Game

As we talk about NFT games generating massive hype, one could not resist mentioning the world’s first NFT cricket game that would be launching soon. Named, the NFT cricket game’s developers would be releasing their first drop of NFT collection somewhere in April 2022, according to the roadmap provided on their website. The drop called “Super Loot” would probably be a collection of NFT-based assets that could potentially reveal more about the game, such as its nature and the features it would offer. NFT cricket game’s upcoming drop could become the turning point in how the sport of cricket would be perceived in countries where it is not played widely. One also must note that the developing nations well-known for utilizing play-to-earn NFT games are not popular cricketing nations. Setting that fact aside, professional gamers would readily adapt to playing new games, given the perks on offer. All the advantages offered could be visible once the drop officially hits the floors, although there are loads of speculations put forth by gaming pundits.

The “Super Loot” drop from NFT game could also reveal how the game could take off towards becoming the world’s first metaverse cricket game which was one of the eye-attracting statements from the official announcement by the Singapore-based blockchain development firm GuardianLink. Metaverse is a term coined by the American author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel “Snow Crash,” and since has been popular in science fiction and to a small extent in games. The term went popular again towards the end of 2021, as social media tech giant Facebook renamed its home company to Meta Platforms. Its chairman Mark Zuckerberg declared that the company would move towards creating a metaverse platform. 

The countdown for NFT Drop Has Begun

The countdown for the NFT drops for the NFT game has been underway, and one can view the live countdown on the NFT cricket game’s official website. The amount of buzz generated by the small but significant announcement of the drop coming up has been immense, with a range of social media posts and user engagement with hashtags. 

According to the company masterminding behind the ambitious metaverse cricket game, the game would be equally beneficial to cricket fans, professional gamers, and NFT enthusiasts. The upcoming drop could clearly shed some light on how the NFT cricket game would benefit all three categories of users the game aims to attract. If the metaverse game truly comes up, it would be the world’s first metaverse sporting game that would pave the way for more such metaverse to come up. The core concept of metaverse gaming is to provide a one-stop gaming platform through which entertainment and fun get together, which can rarely be seen together in today’s gaming scene. 

The Next Big Thing is Metaverse Cricket Game

The metaverse cricket game would be the first game that could gain a massive userbase from the Asian subcontinent, where the awareness surrounding NFTs has been scarce. Even though India has announced some critical tax regimes surrounding cryptos and NFTs, the increased knowledge of NFTs resulting from the rule has helped in creating more hype for the game as more people earned some knowledge about the crypto space in general.

Therefore, the buzz around the Metaverse cricket game has been whirring around since the official exclusive drop was announced. Like earlier high-profile play-to-earn NFT games, anyone who wisely gets aboard as early as possible could likely get the early-bird luck of riding on high wealth that can shape their lives in a different direction. With the combined craze and hype levels among cricket fans, gamers, and NFT collectors, NFT cricket game’s Super Loot drop might shatter some records, which would only be known after the event.

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