The Bodybuilding Basics For total Beginners


Bodybuilding is necessary for all human beings. We should maintain basic diets and have nutritional healthy food on a regular basis. An obsessed person tries hard and struggles to reduce their weight and maintain a proper body shape. In the beginning, they might face difficulties and may think to quit this struggle.

But the gym trainer or the yoga specialist should guide these beginners properly and motivate them towards the right track. They should be guided well and provided a proper diet chart.

There are few basic things which a bodybuilder should keep in mind before starting their journey. They are: training hours and agendas, sit-ups, wide grips, pull-downs, incline and decline pressures, the proper diets, usage of the various gym equipment and many more.

Basic things a Bodybuilders should have minimum idea

  1. The major and most important thing in this regard is how to maintain the diet and follow the gym rules. The gym trainers usually guide the bodybuilders by providing a proper diet chart. They mention crystal clearly what to consume and when to. The chart should mandatorily include protein as well as nutritional foods. No fast foods or junk foods are allowed in this regard.

For many beginners, it may seem difficult as they fail to control their appetite and therefore could not manage their diet chart. As a result of which they slowly and steadily develop obesity and increase weight.

Therefore, the diet should be checked properly as per the guidance of the trainer. Your diet chart should include: fresh vegetables, chicken, fresh fish, boiled eggs, various cereals, corn, oatmeals and many more. They should also follow the gym rules and regulations. Every gym or fitness center has specific terms and conditions to be followed. For example, attending the fitness center at an appropriate time. No latecomers are usually allowed in the center. They maintain this particular rule in order to motivate the bodybuilders to get up early in the morning.

Next, they should perform the mentioned activities per day according to the guidance of the trainers. They should not disrespect or disobey their trainers. Though in the beginning they will find discomfort or body pain but still they should not think of quitting in order bringing back their bodies in proper shape. “In the beginning ideally found it difficult and wanted to quit, but my trainer motivated me and put me on the right track. Now I am in a proper shape” says Urmila who is an expert in best t liners.

  1. Following the major bodybuilding exercises is yet another strategy a beginner should keep in mind. There are few exercises they should focus on. The staple compound lifts. Things like squats, shoulder press, beach press, and deadlifts are some of the vital reunited exercises. These movements and lifts are necessary for the beginners and they should try free hand exercise in their home apart from the gym center.
  2. Try sit and ups or the basic other exercises in order to burn calories and reduce weights. Sit and up can reduce your thigh fats as well as the belly. Try to count numbers and start this easy sit up step. You can apply this step in your home anytime you want.

But remember to not try any exercises with a full stomach. It will create discomfort or you may suffer from nausea or stomach pain.  “I also experienced from high stomach pain after fulfilling my exercises with full tummy” says Mohit who is promoting the campaign of no tank toilet.

  1. Wide grip pull down and bent over row is yet one of the best exercises a beginner should try. In case of wide grip pull down, stretch your shoulders and put strength in your palm and arms above your head. Do not lean back and control the bar by stretching as much time as possible. Try it at least 10 times a day.

In case of bent over row, grab a barbell with an overhand grip, hands should be slightly wider than the shoulder width. Bent your legs and keep it flexible. Move your body in an up and down movement and carry this exercises 10 times a day.

  1. Try to train your muscles every week and focus on a few exercises. Create a variety of your exercises and try to practice them more and more. As we all know that “practice makes a man perfect” therefore struggle and work hard to give your body a perfect shape. “I was a 140 kg obsessed person, who tried hard and struggled to get a new look and shape. Yes, I succeeded and now I am of 80 kg” says Rahul who is a trainer in online poetry class.
  2. Try to lean in the correct form and gradually increase the weight of the equipment you are lifting. Do not force your body in excessive pain or in a poor condition. Give your body rest and start after a few days.

Learn from the trainers more and more and remain cautious while doing the lifting activity. There are certain difficult lifting activities that you should not try in your initial stages. Weightlifting is an excellent way to build muscle mass and strengthen your muscles.

But do not continue lifting if you are not properly trained or experienced. Lift as much as your body permits. Try to follow the basic normal exercises in your initial stage and practice them more and more. “After enough exercises and practices tried my lifting activities and succeeded in this regard” says Madhu who is an expert in best ice fishing reel.


Therefore from the above-mentioned points, it is clear that the bodybuilders, who have just started their journey in this phase, should follow the instruction of their trainers. Perform activities that suit your body and practice them on a regular basis.

Do not pressurize your body and try to maintain a proper diet guided by the trainer. Invent suitable exercises and try to avoid doing exercises with a full stomach. Perform lifting activities as much as your body permits.

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