SecuredVC Review – Why I found myself enticed with this broker for over a year?

When it comes to online trading sites, beginners can devote some time to researching and testing the platforms. Years ago, I read in a self-help book that a dedicated researcher has a long way to go. It can be frightening for someone unfamiliar with how the online trading environment works. As a result, I decided to summarize my experience with SecuredVC

I was very particular about making the best decisions possible when trading online with no experience at all. I must admit that I have learned what it means in this period. And it is because of all the good that this ability has taken me to these heights of success. I didn’t consider it when I first entered the trading world. As a result, I became overwhelmed by the thousands of brokers available online. To address this problem, I began my investigation of different brokers and platforms by visiting specific web pages and completing surveys. This aided me in gathering sufficient data, which led me to SecuredVC.

Even though this Platform, like all others, has weaknesses and drawbacks, I am not willing to give up on it. It’s just because of how I’m treated here and how the administration treats me that I’m here. These two factors play a significant role in long-term client-company relationships because customers choose to stick with adequate, appropriate, and personalized service.

SecuredVC was introduced to me by a friend of mine over discussing the risks of online trading. He told me how pleased he was with this particular Platform’s services since he has been working with them for quite some time and persuaded me to sign up as well. That’s when I wanted to investigate it further. I was finally able to trust the firm with my money and my future after weeks of probing the forex trading platform.

I have prepared my overall review on this Platform after my personal experience with them. This overview will give a rough idea of how well this Platform performed for me.

Now I will be further discussing the contents I have mentioned above.

Trading Platform:

Taking all into account, the most common aspect in the assessment was how the Platform had designed its website page. I don’t believe a single element is difficult to grasp. On the Home tab, you get a good look at all available options. I had the opportunity to list those measurable facts because I had used other trading platforms. On the main page, I found no slide displaying the new stocks for advertising. Trading platforms typically have a flat sliding bar that allows you to access a portion of the updated tradable resources data. 

The SecuredVC Trading platform is the embodiment of all of the features that I would to any goof platform to possess. It all comes down to the site and how engaging it is, from protection to resource accessibility. SecuredVC offers the benefit of a user-friendly platform. 

Regardless of where I was, I was able to keep a close eye on how different stocks, Indices, and Forex were doing in real-time on the Platform. The Forex Trading market has a significant advantage because it is still available. Regardless of any trader’s time zone, all can usually participate without fear of missing out on a great opportunity.

Furthermore, I found myself not much concerned if all of the numbers, rows, and segments tend to be a little perplexing. I focused my attention on the interesting charts that show how a particular asset is developing a trend. Simple tones and photos make it easy to get started and keep informed about the market.

Education Center: 

I understand that most traders construct their profiles based on their prior experience. Still, I also know that this bet isn’t going to last. I knew that if I make rash decisions, I will face even more risks. This is why I should assess my business requirements before making a decision.

This is where SecuredVC’s education emphasis paid off for me. From eBooks to FAQs, I discovered that each data asset aided in developing my trading procedures. It provided me with the knowledge I needed to make informed decisions. 

Not only that, but the glossary was an advantage that I still use today. I’ve never had the chance to brush up on my trade language in all these years of trading. The glossary segment’s specialized phrasings, which were enrolled in sequential order, really helped me understand technical words. This greatly assisted me in better comprehending the Platform’s activities. In short, it had a positive impact on me.

The asset list is typical of the 200+ tradable assets SecuredVC provides to its clients. I preferred how I could get quick details on each of the properties in the basic rundown. These particulars provide essential information such as trading hours and expiry rules. I can make quick decisions based on this information. I believe they should include highlights such as current stock prices in the report itself. It occurs to me that it will significantly simplify the trade investigation.


SecuredVC promises to work closely with law enforcement to prevent tax evasion, money laundering, and bribery from disrupting the trading scene. This is a problem that has existed since the dawn of time. Fortunately, as they mature, their assurance proportions increase as well. As a result, security protection is prioritized as a top priority for the SecuredVC Platform.

I learned more about SecuredVC’s plans to assist law enforcement in combating these issues and ensuring my accounts and assets further down. As I browsed the web, I noticed different segments that detail each aspect of the site.

I’ve never had a problem with them, and I believe, based on my experiences with SecuredVC, they’re a good, dependable platform.

Account Types and their registration process:

SecuredVC follows the same strict rules as every other reputable website regarding the registration process – building my account. If I want to trade, I should be at least 18 years old. This is a joint restriction that I have seen in almost any other part of my life, from voting to driving.

Another important fact that I agreed with when I created my account is that I will not assist others in mismanaging the market’s generosity. The entire cycle that takes place when trading is kept secret. As a result, any deception or fraudulent tax evasion attempt will be severely rebuffed. I liked how they focused so much on trading’s security and safety aspects, which most platforms overlook.

Now, SecuredVC’s minimum deposit is 250 EUR coming to the account types. Otherwise, SecuredVC also gives the option of 10 000 EUR and 50 000 EUR for their Gold and Platinum accounts, respectively, to its users. There is also a VIP account, of which no further details are given as it is invitation only.

Customer Service:

When I am on the Platform, customer service holds a high priority on my checklist. SecuredVC offers a live chat service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and a phone line open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:00 GMT for the United Kingdom and Australia. I can contact the Platform via email or by filling out a form.

I can test how user-friendly the Platform is by contacting customer support, primarily via live chat. Within a few minutes, they responded to my message. I was also able to assess the representative who was in touch with me in this manner. The representatives I’ve spoken with so far have been highly supportive. They’ve always answered all of my trade-related questions, as well as assisting me in setting up an account with the site. So there’s no doubt that SecuredVC has nailed the customer service as well.

Payment Methods:

SecuredVC claims to accept Maestro, MasterCard, and Bank Wire as payment methods. However, I would have also preferred the options of Bitcoin or PayPal. Other than that, I have faced no issue whatsoever with the rest of the payment methods they do offer. These methods seemed to have worked just fine for me throughout my journey.

This Platform gave me the option for VISA or MasterCard as well.

My thoughts on this Platform:

Because I’ve been using this Platform for over a year, I believe it’s fair to assume that they’re trustworthy, which is why I’m still a customer. My friends and family have all become members of this forum after suggesting it to them. If you’ve read this review carefully, you’ll be aware that the services offered by this Platform are special. 

I hope you learned something helpful from this analysis and that it assisted you to learn more about the new SecuredVC Platform.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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