Richmond Super Review 2021 –Read This To Step Up Your Trading Game

The phone that you’re holding, the WiFi you’re using, the sofa you’re sitting on and the snack that you just had, all would’ve not reached you had the idea of trade not stricken our ancestors. Trade is one of the most widely practised professions and is supporting trillions of houses all around the globe. But this isn’t the same that our great grandfathers were indulged in. This profession underwent a lot of evolution to take its present form. 

In the fast-changing world, the needs evolved and hence the products which made it to the market were designed to meet them. There came a time when the internet was revolutionizing anything that came it’s way. Amid this era, traders were sick of planning out long trips to visit the stock exchange and we’re looking for convenient alternatives. Just then the forex firms came into being and people got acquainted with the idea of staying home and making deals. This seemed like a huge deal because purchasing and selling while in your sofas was never thought of before. Soon we saw an influx of different trading firms. Just a few touches away lies the entire stock exchange. This must seem very easy from a distance but when you get closer, you see how things unfolded to become horrendous for some of the traders. 

Because of the influx and a large number of options, people started trusting these firms blindly. Soon after that, we all heard the news of traders being scammed and robbed by these firms. I was stepping into the trading world then. I was cautious but not as much as I’m now because I had no experience of being cheated when I was new. Yes, I ended up in a trap that was flawlessly laid out by a firm. They told me about their account types and their state of the art tools and features. I was mesmerized but when I learnt bits of trading I realized it lacked basic services such as security. Fortunately, I was quick enough to leave it and a few days later I heard of a security breach of that firm. The next frim I joined didn’t take away my assets but my health. Yes, the unprofessional website design and the customer dealers gave me a headache all the time. After around 1½ year, a friend of mine told me about RichmondSuper. He said it has made his forex trading life considerably easy. I was quick to notice because of the situation I was going through. Well, I kept inquiring till I had an idea if I should go into further depths. 

I went to the website of the forum, read the documents, talked to customer care representatives till I realized that this was worth the shot. I had in mind that none of the forums is flawless so I’d not get all here but most of it. And I was right, the things on the top of my priority list have never failed to satisfy me. These include security, reliability, user-friendliness, nice customer care, etc.  Let’s dive into my version of the story with RichmondSuper. 

Secure and Safe

Like I have mentioned above, my first priority was the security of my assets and my date. I had seen people going back to block 1 after miserable experiences with these firms hence I was not ready to make a compromise on security. Well, I asked my colleagues and seniors, interviewed the current users, went through all the documents and legal terms in search of reliability. In a matter of a few weeks, I felt an inclination towards the firm. I could see that the one thing which this forum didn’t lack was safety. I would like to mention that it’s not only me, several other users have the same opinion about the fact that the degree of transparency exhibited in the Legal section says it all. It is a clear reflection of their clean intentions. You can also go through these documents on the website. They include

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation Policy
  • Bonus Policy
  • Anti Money Laundering Policy 
  • Risk Disclosure statement

Head over to the website to read all of these yourself. 

Fast Execution

Fast execution might be a lot about saving time but there’s much more to it than this. In the trading world, situations and scenarios are changing within splits of seconds. Let’s say you want to make a buy at a given time, you hit the but button and you get it. But the prices increase right after you hit it. If your broker is not all about fast execution, then you might end up buying it for a larger sum of money. A similar situation might happen to you if you want to sell. A small delay can translate into huge losses, this is why it is imperative that your forex firm has a string execution system. Here at RichmondSuper super, the administration has made sure that a speedy execution occurs. This feature has a huge role to play in the growing clientele of the broker. 

Pocket Friendly

What’s the point of a good firm if all that you earn goes away in the form of charges or payments. A good broker is the one that gives you the most in the least. Charges on this forum are very affordable and apart from that, you will not be robbed at hands of hidden charges and commissions. Everything that you have to pay is decided before you enter the RichmondSuper world. It won’t be wrong to say that RichmondSuper is not only best friends with your pocket but the prices seem justified once you start making use of the services. 

However, there’s one thing that I’d like to mention. Many platforms allow young traders to get basic/trial accounts made free of cost. I understand that they do not provide users with up to the mark services but still I would love to hear from RichmondSuper in this regard because most of the new traders can’t pay even small sums.

Ease of Access

I was so happy to know that this platform can be accessed from both my phone and my laptop. I do not have to carry my laptop with me everywhere and this pleases me the most. This lets you quickly make a deal without having to wait till your laptop opens. I have already explained how important time is when it comes to forex deals. Also, the website is equally easy to use from both devices. Many traders think that multiple devices supportive websites are taking lead from the rest. 


Tools have to be professionally designed and be placed in a manner that they work according to the varying needs of the traders. The amount of customization offered in tools makes them fit for all sorts of traders. One of my favourite tools is the advanced alerts one. It helps one keep an eye on the ever-changing market situation through emails. These alerts make decision making super easy for someone like me. 

Some other important tools that continue serving traders are stock reports, charts, financial news and updates, daily technical analysis ideas and levels, economic calendar and much more. You need to tell your favourite stock or the one that you are interested in, to get all the reports. With the help of the economic calendar, you can simply set up alarms for impending risks and stay aware without being on high alert all the time. The latest news features tell you what the traders all around the globe are up to and then you can see if you have to alter your decisions of thoughts on a matter. The degree of customization offered in the charts section is beyond great. You can change it the way you like and make your experience even more comforting. The five chart types that you can pick from are 

  • OHLC
  • Scatter
  • Line
  • Spline
  • Candlestick

Regular and multi-chart types, technical indicators, a total of 10time intervals, and others have made my trading experience fun. Thanks to these and my RichmondSuper financial experts, my decision making has improved significantly. It’s not only me, in fact, all traders would also agree that well-developed tools hold immense potential to turn the tables for you. Although the risk factor remains but these give you clarity of what you’re up to and what it might cause. 

End Remarks

No platform suits all the traders and hence can’t be regarded best for all. This is because every trader has varying needs and not everyone holds the potential to serve everybody. RichmondSuper has been great but it isn’t completely free of flaws. These flaws aren’t big for me so I do not plan on changing my firm for years to come. You can consider visiting their website to gain greater insights into what the firm has in store to serve you with. Good luck with your trading venture. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation

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