Ohio Solar: 5 Reasons To Get Started With Solar Energy

Solar energy has seemed out of reach for most people in the past. Luckily, that’s not the case today. 

The price of solar energy is at an all-time low. It’s the perfect time to invest and recoup your money in a reasonable period.

Are you not convinced yet that you should invest in Ohio solar? The five benefits of solar panels below are a great reason to invest.

1. Save Money

The considerable upfront cost of solar panels in Ohio prevents many people from taking the leap. However, that’s not a long-term view. You may spend more money today, but you’ll save money in the future.

The payback period for Ohio solar energy is shorter than ever. If you own your home for long enough, you’ll eventually break even and see profit from your solar panels.

2. Get Energy Credits

There are many areas where you can sell energy back to the grid. This happens when you produce more solar energy than you need during the day. It goes back to your power company, and they give you credit.

You can use these credits during times of the year that produce less sun exposure. You won’t always produce enough solar energy during these times, so you’ll need to draw from the grid. Those credits will reduce or eliminate your power costs during those times.

3. Increase Property Value

Home appraisers didn’t always know what to do about solar panels. There weren’t any guidelines, so you didn’t get a higher valuation just for having panels installed. Luckily, that’s no longer the case.

Solar panels can increase your home’s value based on the savings you see every year on energy. If you’ve already paid off your panels and plan to sell, that’s extra money in your pocket.

4. Avoid Blackouts

There’s no getting around blackouts on the grid, especially as the climate gets more unpredictable. If you rely on power lines for power, you cannot do much besides using a generator to keep the lights on.

You won’t have this issue with solar panels. A solar system like the ones installed by Blue Raven Solar will keep everything on when power is out everywhere else.

5. Get Rebates

If the cost of solar is a significant consideration for you, then there are some other things you need to know. For starters, check the rebates available from your national and local governments.

You can save a lot of money by taking advantage of rebates. You’ll pay full price for your installation but gradually get your rebate every year with tax credits. These credits can drastically reduce the actual amount you pay for your solar panels.

Invest in Ohio Solar Today

With rising electricity rates and growing climate concerns, there’s no better time to invest in solar energy. You’ll do your part to curb the use of dirty electricity and save money in the long term when investing in Ohio solar. Talk to the solar installation companies in your area to learn what it will take to install solar panels on your property.

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