Ocean’s Eleven Film By Milestone [1960]

Danny Ocean, a gangster, assembles a group of eleven people in an effort to steal money from three popular casinos in Las Vegas owned by his rival, Terry Benedict.

Release date: December 7, 2001 (USA)

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Sequel: Ocean’s Twelve

Adapted from: Ocean’s 11

Box office: $450.7 million

Music by: David Holmes

Notes on the production and credit notes

  • Studio: Warner Brothers
  • Producer and Director: Lewis Milestone
  • Writers: George Clayton Johnson and Jack Golden Russell
  • Music: Nelson Riddle
  • Running time: The duration is 127 minutes

Cast Ocean’s 11

  • Frank Sinatra (Danny Ocean)
  • Dean Martin (Sam Harmon)
  • Sammy Davis, Jr. (Josh Howard)
  • Peter Lawford (Jimmy Foster)
  • Angie Dickinson (Beatrice Ocean)
  • Richard Conte (Anthony [Tony] Bergdorf)
  • Cesar Romero (Duke Santos)
  • Joey Bishop (“Mushy” O’Connors)
  • Akim Tamiroff (Spyros Acebos)

Reiner was born in The Bronx, New York to parents Bessie Mathias and Irving Reiner, a watchmaker on the 20th of March 1922.

The movie stars Ocean’s 11  George Clooney, who can be powerfully impassive better than almost anybody, as Danny Ocean, fresh out of prison and eager for a new job. 

He was the son of an Austrian Jewish immigrant and his mother was a Romanian Jewish immigrant, IMDB says.

The renowned comedian, actor screenwriter, and director’s work began with groundbreaking work on live TV classics like The Show that Never Ends.

He released a top-selling album along with Mel Brooks called 2000 Years featuring Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks that earned him a Grammy nomination. It also ignited his career as a writer.

He was a director for the first time for the show The Dick Van Dyke Show and later directed comedies like Oh, God and The Jerk with George Burns in 1977 and The Jerk along together with Steve Martin in 1979, earning over 400 credits throughout his career.

He was presented with his Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in 2000. He also in 2001, he appeared as the lead in the remake Ocean’s Eleven a long along with two sequels: Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen.

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