New Altcoins 2022: Prospects for the Development of Cryptocurrencies

The rapid development of cryptocurrency provides an excellent opportunity to attract ordinary users for investment and large corporations. Acquisition of cryptocurrency is a trend in 2021. The same direction will not give up its positions in 2022. It’s because a wave of popularity more and more covers the world of digital money, which leads to the emergence of new investments and, accordingly, to an increase in value.

Promising New Altcoins 2022

Every year more and more crypto-investors appear, and many new promising crypto-currencies are being developed.

In the coming year, any new coins can become such promising coins. For example, the Chia coin has very excellent prospects. Also, TWT has good chances to rise significantly in price. Also, the following altcoins have great potential in 2022:

  • Injective Protocol (INJ) with current CoinMarketCap rating # 151 and market cap of $ 418,045,200;
  • YIELD App (YLD) with current CoinMarketCap rating # 564 and market cap of $ 55,510,222;
  • Origin Protocol (OGN) with current CoinMarketCap rating # 183 and market cap of $ 291,740,547;
  • Celo (CELO) with current CoinMarketCap rating # 62 and market cap of $ 2,122,031,262;
  • Rally (RLY) with current CoinMarketCap rating # 215 and market cap of $ 859,416,027.

Promising Altcoins 2022

Following trends and exploring growth opportunities will help you make the right decision and take a winning position for profit. The popularity of Bitcoin never falls, so in 2022 it will continue to take its place in the trends. However, there are a large number of altcoins that will not give way in the coming year.

Based on the data of the CoinMarketCap service, we will consider the most popular and promising altcoins 2022:

  1. Ethereum (ETH) is a well-known digital coin and is considered a pretty promising currency. The price of ETH in the first ten months of 2021 showed rapid growth and amounted to about 1068.43%. Capitalization as of October 23, 2021 – $ 486.4B. The exchange rate is expected to rise by the end of spring 2022.
  2. Litecoin (LTC) is quite a popular coin. LTC price in 2021 increased by 346.03%, capitalization as of October 23, 2021, is $ 13.3B $. It is predicted that the price of 1 LTC over the next year may reach 431 USD.
  3. Cardano (ADA) is an electronic platform that is one of the tokens of the Ethereum coin. In 2021, the ADA showed a 2,120.84% ​​increase in the value of coins. Capitalization at the time of writing is $ 71.33B. The same rapid growth in value is expected in 2022.
  4. Neo (NEO) is a platform that is very similar to the Ethereum platform. In 2021, the price of NEO increased by 602.62%. Capitalization as of October 23, 2021 – $ 3.14B. The cost is expected to increase by May 2022.
  5. Stellar Lumens (XLM) is a platform that has been designed to simplify the process of transactions around the world. For 2021 XLM has changed in value by 214.78%. Capitalization as of October 23, 2021 – $ 9.05B. Experts believe that its cost will also rise in 2022.
  6. TRON (TRX) is a popular coin developed in 2017. The change in value for 2021 was 301.23%. Capitalization at the time of writing is $ 7.20B. This currency is expected to rise over the next year.

Making money in the cryptocurrency market is becoming more and more popular in the modern world. However, this method of making a profit is hazardous. To have a high income working with cryptocurrency, you need to carefully study the market, follow the course of coins and the forecasts of specialists. And even doing all of the above, you can lose assets due to the constant fluctuations of the digital currency market.

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