Master Oogway Quotes — Unexpected Life Lessons

Although Po may be the favorite among the majority of children who watch Kung Fu Panda, we adults are much more fascinated by Master Oogway and his boundless wisdom. I collected 23 Master Oogway quotes in honor of the legendary character.

Master Oogway is an ancient tortoise of thousand-years that’s believed to have created kung fu and founded the entire Valley of Peace. Oogway‘s advice is always appreciated by other characters.

His wise words not just help Po and Furious Five defeat multiple evils, but also educate us, the viewers, about life. His quirky, but well-thought-out jokes make us laugh.

15 Master Oogway quotes that everyone should read

Master Oogway quotes that will motivate you to succeed

#1. Do what you can. You will never be greater than you are now.

#2. 2. Take your destiny by the horns, and have some fun em>

#3. Shop owner: “Ugh. Who cares about who wins?” They are disgraceful to kung-fu. Oogway: “They will all lose until there is a fight worth fighting.”

#4. “It doesn’t matter who someone is, but what they become.”

#5. Oogway: “I can show you how to get everything you want.” Not just fame .”

Thundering Rhino

Oogway: “By changing course. …”

#6. Even for a master .”

#7. “Nothing’s impossible.”

#8. “Use your skills for good, young warrior. Find the one thing that you have been denied — compassion .”

#9. Oogway says: “Look at this tree. I can’t make it bloom when it suits me or make it bear fruit before its due date… That seed will eventually become a peach tree, no matter what you do. While you might want an apple or an orange in your life, you will end up with a peach.

Shifu “But Tai Lang cannot be defeated by a Peach!”

Oogway says: “Maybe it could… If it is willing to be guided, nurtured.” To believe in them.

Master Oogway Quotes to Teach Us Life Lessons

#10. #10. .”

#11. #11. Accident? Or destiny? Or destiny?

#12. Oogway She wants to make you proud.

Shifu “Well…maybe I could be proud of her if she was doing it correctly.”

Oogway “Your Form.”

Shifu: “Is it another kind?” !”

Oogway: Shifu is an acorn that can only be the mighty oak. Not a cherry tree. Let her become .”

#13. My friend, your mind is like this water. It is difficult to see when it is moving. If you let it settle, it will become clear .”

#14. Oogway “My dear friend, the panda won’t fulfill his destiny nor yours until you let go off the illusion of control.”

#15. Oogway is “The cleaner,” “The comedian”, “The dancer” and “The little doctor”. You found them .”

Tigress: “I failed Shifu.”


Just like the Kung Fu Panda, everyone has ups and also downs. We all feel afraid when we have to face a challenge, and overwhelmed when there is a lot at stake. But a little bit of advice can help. Master Oogway, his calm presence, and his positive attitude always make things better. He teaches acceptance, tolerance and patience.

Oogway, a mentor and friend, is something we all need in our lives. Someone to guide us, to point out our weaknesses, to encourage us to find our truth.

I hope you found these Master Oogway quotations as enjoyable as I did. You can always go back to these quotes if you feel low. Why not watch the whole Kung Fu Panda movie again? Bonus tip for adults: It’s also possible to make a fun drinking game of it. Drink whenever Master Oogway tells you something!

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