London-Gates Review 2021- How I Was Able to Achieve Success by Trading with This Platform?

It can be hard to start something new, especially if you don’t know anything about it other than you are curious. I had been in the same position a few years back regarding trading. I heard many of my friends talk about it, and we’re getting into it, which had made me more interested in the field. My main concern was that I didn’t know the basics about trading, and because of it, I delayed starting my trading journey, but I knew I was missing out on an ample opportunity that could turn my life around for the better. So, when I had gained enough courage, I had started inquiring about my friends and started collecting their advice. They had given me enough information to know how to start, but it was unclear what broker I should start out using. As we all know, not all trading platforms are worth our trust as they end up scamming traders, which was another one of my concerns.

I have tried using many brokers and gotten scammed plenty of times to give out pointers to the people who are in a position just as I was. The red flags and the basic knowledge of what a good broker is supposed to be like were the things I was never made aware of. I had trusted every broker that I came across and ended up unhappy with the outcomes. It was like this up until I stumbled upon London-Gates. It was the only website that kept its word and continued to do so. It was straightforward to use, even for a novice. I can’t imagine a better platform to start their trading journey with excellent outcomes almost instantly.

My first impression:

The first thing one sees is the site’s main page, and this broker was very appealing and eye-catching. There are beautiful pictures that give the site a realistic look and make it more interactive. The live graphics made the site look more exciting, and the summaries that went along with the pictures gave it a communicative appearance. Just the sight of the website hooked me as it was unlike any other trading platform. Many other options availableprovide complete information regarding trading and what the site has to offer. In short, I was happy just by the prospect of the website, and it was alluring enough for me to give it a try.

The layout:

The layout is neat and, as mentioned above, very interactive and collaborative. All the categories are mentioned on the main page, making it easier for the traders to access them and use them with no problem. The security information is given at the end of the main page. The live chat option is available at the bottom right corner of the screen. The range of dialects is not mentioned making it seem as if the only language available is English which is off-putting. There is a video that is accessible on the main page explaining what the site is proposing. The packages are stated at the top of the website with detailed data of what features each package constitutes.


This site offers five packages that you can avail yourself of to enjoy features to the full extent while staying in your comfort zone. They offer Self-Managed, Select, Personal, Honors, and Wealth Management.


The self-managed package avails over 200 tradable assets, market review, and flexible leverage 1:100 with a minimum balance of 250 dollars.


All the features that are mentioned in the “Self-Managed” package and further including dedicated senior account manager, flexible leverage up to 1:200, tier 3 trade room analysis, risk management planning, monthly webinars, bonus funds, spreads from 1.5 pips, financial planning, special venture promotions, and level 3 prioritized, all in the cost of 10,000 dollars.


It contains all the “select” features along with flexible leverage up to 1:300, spreads from 0.5 pips, tier 2 trade room analysis, weekly webinars, and level-2 prioritized withdrawal process with the minimum balance of 50,000 dollars.


It constitutes the same features as the “Personal” package and also powerful leverage up to 1:400, ultra-tight spreads from 0.0 pips, full access to webinars and analysis, level-1 prioritized withdrawal process, access to VIP events, and a special gift worth 5,000 dollars. This package costs a minimum balance of 250,000 dollars.


All the features of “Honors” are available, along with the ability to apply to their tailor-made account solution.

Payment Methods:

London-Gate offers a wide range of payment methods which is excellent and very convenient for all the traders.

·Wire Transfer





Customer service:

You can contact them through the live chat option available at the bottom right corner of the screen, through email, or by filling out the form. The live chat availability hours are Monday to Friday from 6:00 – 13:00 GMT.

My experience with customer service was quite pleasant. I preferred the live chat option as I am a bit uncomfortable on the phone. However, I had received the responses rapidly, along with the complete information that I required. Furthermore, they were friendly and kind enough to help with my concerns and made me feel at ease. It can be jarring for a trader if they don’t receive good quality service, and it can be a massive loss for the platform, too, as a good trading platforms’ priority should be to avail the best, informative, and instant customer service. Customer service is where the actual quality of a trading platform lies. Nonetheless, I had a pleasing enough experience that I feel comfortable enough to profit from their services. They were very fulfilling for me.

The Withdrawal Process:

The withdrawal process of a trading platform determines if the broker is superior or not. Any glitch that occurs during the process can prompt the customer not to use the platform again. Therefore, the platform must make sure that such a situation does not arise and make the trader as comfortable and at ease as possible.

I had subscribed to the Self-Manage package initially as I was trying out the website to see if it was worth it, I was comfortable with the features that I was availed of, but I wanted to experience more and grow out of my comfort zone and see what more this site had to offer. Hence, then I had subscribed to the personal package was beyond satisfied with its offerings as I got experience more and got the chance to learn more about trading to further expand my knowledge.

Throughout all this, I hadn’t faced any difficulty with the withdrawal of my money despite changing and upgrading the packages. I had expected there to be some issue, but to my surprise, everything had run smoothly. In addition, I had received an email confirming the withdrawal. I know that this chunk of the trading platform can be a bit terrifying as here is the prime time for the broker to take advantage of your lack of knowledge and steal your money, but this broker has gained my trust just after my first withdrawal.

I had used the payment methods while changing the account types, and I think it was the right thing to do so as it had made the process much easier and more convenient for me.


I have tried and tested almost all their features and found them satisfactory. Although, they lack content like the education center, which is inadequate as novice traders might find this to be a problem because they cannot grow to expand their knowledge while trading. The language barrier is also concerning as it limits the reach of the clientele and makes it harder for them to enjoy the platform and what it has to offer. Besides all this, I have had a good time using this platform. I wasn’t expecting the trading platform to be this comprising while still having top-notch quality.

From the layout to the withdrawal process, everything was highly pleasurable. I was relaxed while using this platform. After all, the customer service was outstanding as I was wholly guided throughout my issues and concerns. Furthermore, I was given thorough information and additional help, which I was thankful for as I still am unsure of the trading industry and how it goes about.

Now, I can see myself trading on here more often for an extended period.  I have found a platform that I can use daily without the constant fear of getting cheated on, which is a significant achievement. Trading is not easy, but platforms like such make it flow easily as it should be. Furthermore, having help from a broker can genuinely upgrade your trading skills and make you a professional and teach you techniques that even an average trader won’t be aware of. It is a great privilege to find such a platform that can simultaneously grow your knowledge and interest.

I look forward to using this platform and making more advancements in my trading career and skills.

Disclaimer: This review from my own experience and self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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