Infinity CapitalG Reviews 2021 – Can you trust this broker with your money?

If you are someone looking for a good forex broker then you have landed at the right place. I have myself been through what you currently are so I have an idea regarding how to deal with it. We all know how fake forex firms have made it super hard to find a good forex firm but this doesn’t mean you should give up. A successful trader always remains optimistic about tomorrow and works his/her way towards it and that is all you need to reach unprecedented heights of success. 

Research can prove to be your key tool in the area and this is something I have learned after years of struggle. I finally decided to join InfinityCapitalG when I completed my research spanning a month. After looking into all important factors and talking to my seniors I decided to give the forum a short. I am glad it turned out to be better than expected. Today, I will be reviewing it in an attempt that you all learn things you need to look for in a forex trading firm. 


Particularly after fake forex firms widely afloat in the market, security has become a touchpoint of all traders out there. You can compromise on anything but security and only then do you have chances of succeeding as a trader. I have seen platforms with terrible security and that’s probably why InfinityCapitalG is no less than a blessing when it comes to the safety of my money and also my future. After spending years as a trader with this forum, I have realized that they can do anything to ensure your assets aren’t vulnerable to any added threats and this is one of the major reasons why the platform continues expanding and growing. 

To see if a platform is secure there are a number of steps you can take. First of all, you should visit the Legal Section of the website. It has many important documents uploaded such as Anti Money Laundering Policy, Withdrawal, Refund, and Cancellation Policy, Terms, and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Bonus Policy, Risk Disclosure Statement, etc. All of these have been uploaded for you all to read and see how the firm looks at all the sensitive issues from a legal point of view. It is known that many people usually avoid reading these considering how dry they are, but I would say you should never skip these. If you cannot read these yourself you can ask for legal aid because they help you a lot in escaping any scams. You will find them easily uploaded on the site and this reflects that the company wishes to put out all the threats in front of you beforehand. The disclaimer at the bottom is another example of this. 

Ease of Access

When it comes to online firms, ease of access has a very significant part to play. You don’t want to carry the unnecessary burden of the laptop to all the places you go. Also, these websites Should be working on handy devices because deals have to be made anytime and anywhere. This is why InfinityCapitalG can be used on your laptop, computers, phones, and tablets. The best part is that you need not install any external program which can be a threat to the laptop and occupy a lot of space.

Access has a lot to do with security also. If you face difficulties logging in to your platform often then this isn’t a very good signal. Scam forex firms often limit the number of times you can access your account because it helps them manipulate easily. I have seen people unable to log in and when they finally can their money is gone. Fortunately enough, this isn’t the case at InfinityCapitalG because it gives you full control over your account. You can open it anytime while all you need is an internet-connected device with a web browser. I have never faced any issues in this regard all these years. 


Frequently Asked Questions form a very important part of the website. You are always recommended to visit this section before getting in touch with the customer support representatives. FAQs at this platform talk about most of the important matters such as account, platform, etc. The questions are grouped together under relevant headings to make it easy for customers to find answers to questions. I like how they have embedded important links in answers so you don’t have to go back to the landing page. FAQs are addressed in a very brief yet to-the-point manner and the added dropdowns make the overall experience of being on this page better. Everything is great apart from the flaw that it isn’t updated very regularly despite new trends and issues emerging every day. 

Customer Support

Good customer support indicates the concern of the company towards its customers. All traders should also look into this area before making the final decision. If a firm does not have satisfactory correspondence with the customer then there is no way they’ll compensate in case of Financial losses or help you out of any other faced problems. I got in touch with them before signing up and I was sure that this department would not disappoint me ever. And fortunately enough, they are living up to these expectations to date. 

The firm has introduced multiple ways to get in touch with the representatives in order to get your problems solved such as call, email, chat, or form. I particularly like how these individuals are highly professional and skilled. They will never make you feel bad even if you ask the simplest of questions. I have been using the call option to most. Although it lets me have one on one conversations, sometimes I have to wait because of high traffic. I hope the operational hours for this department are maximized because traders keep trading all the time bumping into problems also. 

Portfolio Building

My dad used to tell me that a good platform doesn’t only help you make millions but also feeds you on knowledge to help you grow. I have felt myself grow here. When I entered the platform, I was only a commodity trader but gradually I started taking small steps in the world of Crypto and Stocks. The first stock I bought was for a Pharmaceutical company that had undervalued stocks back then. Now the prices have skyrocketed. I have also bought those of McDonald’s and I made a profit of around 15% last year. I also made my first bitcoin deal with InfinityCapitalG and I must say it was also an experience worth it. With more than 200 assets available you can let your portfolio grow in all directions and this helps you ensure you never miss an opportunity to make money. There are so many success stories that I keep hearing in this regard. One of my fellow traders bought stocks of a very famous healthcare company and after the pandemic, the prices went high to levels never before. He says he will make around 50% profit this year. 

Account Managers

Account managers are experts which are provided to you by the company. These individuals keep an eye on the market situation all the time and ensure that you have an idea of the market scenario before you make a deal. These all are highly professional and never try to influence your final decisions even if they are sure about their options being the correct ones. Mine kept saying all the time that his words are nothing more than a suggestion. My account manager gave me all the confidence that I needed in order to make my first digital currency move. I wish the basic account holders could also get these managers. That would really help them work through the initial issues faced by them when they enter the trading circuit for the very first time.


Currently, the company lets you make payments using a total of 3 options; Maestro, Mastercard, and Bankwire. All three of these are popular all around the globe and hence make a good choice but a large fraction of users are more comfortable with PayPal so it should also be introduced soon. Apart from methods, I have found the transactions very secure and all your private information remains safe with the firm. 


InfinityCapitalG has changed trading for me a lot. Back when I joined the forum, I had no idea how good tools, indicators, and instruments could influence my trading skills and help me maximize my profits. This platform has all that a trader would want in their partner. The trust-based relationship on which the firm runs has been established over years and it is the overall efficiency that lets it rule the hearts of traders all around the world. I hope you all find your forex partner soon. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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