How to Bet on Professional Darts

17 million Americans can’t be wrong! Darts ranks among the world’s most popular sports and the professional darts game continues to go from strength to strength.

What does a healthy professional circuit mean? Plenty of darts betting opportunities!

If you’re new to the sport and wondering about the best way to bet on darts, you’ll be delighted to learn that it couldn’t be simpler. Read on for everything you need to know about getting started.

The Professional Darts Betting Money Line

Like most sports, the easiest way to get involved with darts betting is to attempt to back a winner on the money line.

There’s no shortage of events either. The Professional Darts Corporation is the biggest name in professional darts. Their events calendar alone sees plenty of betting opportunities spanning the game’s top players.

A money line darts bet works the same as in any other sport. Your betting site of choice sets the money line, and you can decide who you think will win. Gamblers will be pleased to know that ties are incredibly rare in the sport too. Most tournaments use tiebreakers, so choosing a winner based on form, intuition, or anything else will often lead to a winning return.

Outright Tournament Bets

Virtually every professional darts match is part of a larger tournament. From the Premier League to the World Darts Championship, most events result in an overall winner.

That means another betting opportunity, and you won’t have to wait months for the season to finish. For example, the PDC’s World Darts Championship lasts just over two weeks, with 95 individual matches to bet on as it plays out.

These tournaments provide interested bettors with numerous opportunities for hedging, parlays, and more. That could mean boosting your odds with successful picks across an entire round or backing a player to reach a certain stage.

Delving Deeper Into Match Betting

As you learn more about the players and betting patterns, you can do more with each game. A typical match consists of legs and sets. A player must reach zero while finishing on a double from a starting score of 501 to win a leg.

Winning the best of 11, 13, or 15 legs results in winning a set depending on the tournament stage.

Most betting sites that offer darts betting will offer plenty of wagers around all these events. For example, punters can choose who’ll win current or future legs. Alternatively, they can place bets on the final score depending on how dominant they feel one player will be over the other.

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Darts is plenty of fun to play and watch, and every bit as exciting to bet on. The professional darts game is packed with thrills and spills, but they’re just some of the thousands of sporting events that take place each day.

Find out much more about choosing a betting site, the different types of bets, and everything else to ensure a profitable outcome across our blog!

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