Green Tower Investments 2021 Review- How Has This Platform Secured My Future In The Trading World?

As the world moves into a digital age, I have found myself standing on the steps of the digital trading world. I’ve always been curious about it but never dared to venture into the unknown. As the world stood static last year due to the virus, many individuals started online trading. I found myself reading books on trading, and I was fascinated by it. If you need to venture into the unknown, you need the proper education to succeed and not be eaten alive by the cruel world.

The most important part was what sort oftrader I wanted to be and which trading platform will I use.That’s whenI found Green Tower Investment.

While trading might require some investment, time, and error, you’ll eventually learn what works for you, your objectives, and your financial situations. Start your trading journey with profound schooling on the financial market and afterward read charts and watch price actions, building methodologies dependent on your perceptions. Finally, test these methodologies with paper trading while at the same time examining results and making persistent changes. That’s how I started mine.

I was very skeptical when I found Green Tower Investment. What if it was a fraudor a scam to get my money? Since most trading websites were just there to make money from the online clients. There still are risks to trading online. You cannot form a personal relationship with a broker who can’t help youcreate investment strategies or teach you how the market works.Online dealers are left to speculate and evaluate on their own, which can lead to downfalls. For a few, this can be agitating.

Online traders can secure themselves by understanding the stocks they are purchasing and setting up shields in speedy business sectors. Submitting a limit order for you is one approach to control what you are buying and its amount.

Experienced dealers get into a trade with a clear-cut arrangement. They know their entry and exit points, the measure of funding to put resources into the trade, and the maximum loss they will take. Beginner traders might not have a trading plan before they initiate trading. Regardless of whether they have an arrangement, they might be more inclined to wander from the plan. Amateur dealers may switch course through and through.

I was searching late at night when I found Green Tower Investment. So I decided to look into it. I searched their webpage for more details and what kind of offers they had. One of the drawbacks I found was that the website only offered English and German languages. That meant it only catered to individuals who could speak and read English and German. Although English is a worldwide language,it could still decrease the number of people coming or clicking on their website. This indeed reduces the traffic on the site.

Indeed, I was satisfied with the services they offered, and that’s how I made up my mind to invest in them. The website is definably user-friendly, which is a big plus since most individuals do not know how to navigate complex websites; however, the Green Tower Investment website is easy to use. I got what I was looking for,and hopefully, you will find it satisfactory too. Let’s move on to what I expected from this site.

Why Did I Choose Green Tower Investment?

Many people ask this question. Why did I choose Green Tower Investment? After many late-night searches and studying every website while also making strategies, I found that this particular website caters to me in every possible way. The main reason which drew me towards the website was that it’s user-friendly. I’ve stated this previously as well. I know some of my friends who do not know how to use computers that well. The user-friendly website makes our lives a bit easier. This is where the initial impression many clients get is from the site itself. This is their opportunity to winus over since they can offer solutions anddata we are searching for.

The more straightforwardit is to use a website, the more clientele you will get. Having a planned site can likewise grab the eye of individuals who are essentially just browsing.

The Look And Feel Of The Website

The overall look of the website is dark. This is because it has a dark backdrop. Dark green and light green colors could also dull the mood of the client. Bright colors can lighten up the perspective of the client. I believe that colors can affect human behavior. It can influence the clients to respond to your websites. It’s all about psychology and understanding the client’s mindset. Bright colors make me cheerful. When I want to visit a site, I want it to lift my mood. Many websites use bright colors so that the clients will invest more.

Section On EBooks For Trades

This is one bonus point that no other website offers. Green Tower Investmentprovides EBooks tothe customer to read the books and make better trades. I’ve read nearly every book they have provided so far. Not every website thinks about the customer or whether the customer has common knowledge about trading. All they want is for the customer to invest but not this website blindly. It has given all the information and books under the education option. How nice it is to go on a website to educate yourself and invest in some good trades. Due to this reason, I have told many of my friends and relatives about the website. Making good money and educating yourself doesn’t come for free anymore in this world.

It also has an index where all the trading companies are lined up alphabetically. Trading hours, international code, and expiry rules are mentioned there. Also, a little introduction about the companyismentioned.  Not many websites have given anintroduction to their trading companies. An introduction provides an insight into whom we are trading with.


The company has four types of accounts. By doing this, they are catering to every individual. This shows how much the company cares for customers. The four accounts are basic,silver, gold, and platinum. These accounts require some deposits to be made. The least amount you can add to your account is 250 Euros, and the most significant amount you can add in is 100,000+Euros. There are different features for each account.

The platinum account will have all the company’s features since it is investing quite a large amount of money in the company. The basic account gets up to three elements, and as you keep upgrading your account, the features will keep adding up.I prefer the gold account. Almost all young adults who want to invest in trading at least have 250 Euros for deposit. The company understands that most people cannot add a hefty sum for the deposit, and the broker has tried to adjust the young upcoming traders trying to make a living out of this. They are the most in need since they are the future of our world.

Multiple Options To Contact

The company has given us three different numbers so we can call them in need of help. We can contact the company on their British, Australian, and Canadian numbers. They have listed the support operating hours for chatting and phone calls. We can also email them our comments or messages. The company has not set up a blog which is a negative point—many individuals like taking part and replying to the blog. Clients can talk to each other and help others out on online blogs, but the company does not offer blogs. The companyalso offers live chats. I enjoyed live chats more than phone calls. I was able to connect to another broker via live chat and get the proper answers. It’s just like talking face to face, and I feel like trading is all about that, or at least in my opinion.

Supports Multiple Devices

You can access the webpage from any device, whether a laptop, phone, or iPad. This website will open on every device.  You do not have to sit in front of the computer or laptop for hours. You can use it on the phone and go about your day. The website doesn’t offer any apps for trading so you do not have to download anything which may introduce virus in your devices. Enjoy the fresh air outside while trading up your luck.

Rapid Order Execution

Another point for the company. This website has indeed taken my heart. The best features you can find online are available with this broker. All these features make trading so much easier and more fun. Customer care is the best. They know what the customer wants. So many of my friends and relatives are hooked on this site because it is that good. We hope you can find the trading website you are looking for which accommodates all your personal needs. Like Green Tower Investments adapts to mine.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation.

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