Golden-Gate: Will This Broker Take Your Trading Game to The Next Level?

So recently, I have been having a tough time as I have lost my job and have been unemployed for quite some time now. Hence, passing the time and filling it with something that I could benefit from has been challenging, especially during this pandemic. Then I met my friend, and she had suggested something about trading that stuck with me. After some time, I had contacted her again to gain some more information, and I seem to have been really interested. Although I am aware that getting into trading is no child’s play. I have heard many stories of people getting scammed right off the bat as they got into trading. I have been cautious myself, but I have had a few experiences of getting scammed myself, and it was no fun despite all these efforts.

The only thing I wished for was to read someone else’s thoughts on those blogs so that I could decide whether or not to believe in them. It would have saved me and my money for good. Having a trading acquaintance was helpful, but not entirely because I wanted someone to advise me or offer their opinions on the brokers out there. Who is the best broker to start with? And also acquire facts and knowledge on those facets of trading that would be useful to be aware of beforehand.After making some efforts, I was recommended to use Golden-Gate. Here is my experience and a review of what I have observed while using this platform.

First Impression:

 I have seen and used many trading platforms and witnessed their layout and see if their website was easy to understand and accessible to people who might have just gotten into trading. Hence, I have also had the chance to witness many major and minor errors that might ruin the website’s first impression.

However, my first impression of the site at first glance was pretty positive. I noticed that the theme was light-toned, which I always appreciate as most platforms keep their theme dark, and that puts me off, but that’s just my opinion. The layout is simple yet displays a variety of helpful content. Everything was pretty self-explanatory. The bold letters and the graphics gave the pages a nice touch and made them more interactive.


The first thing that caught my eye was the bright contrast of colors used; it made it look more attractive. The date and time are mentioned at the top right of the screen. The only language is available in English and German, which might be problematic for the international clientele. It would be better to provide more languages to make it more convenient for the majority. Everything was laid out and was organized.

The security information is given at the end of the page with all its content. Furthermore, one thing that I did notice that this website doesn’t have many pages. It has everything laid out that makes it different from other websites. Despite it, all the contents are available with the complete information needed. The little summaries provided are also enormous help that makes the site more beginner-friendly and easy to access


Customer service:

In my opinion, the only way to truly judge a trading platform is by their customer service. If the customer service is lagging, it might be a deal-breaker for the brokers. The questions need to be answered rapidly before the customer gets more confused and frustrated. This might be an issue, especially for novices with many questions on their minds and instantly need answers.

Golden-Gate has three ways that you can get their customer service; via phone, through live chat, and through email. They offer 24/5 customer service. I have used the live chat option as I’m not as comfortable on the phone. I had received help steadily and with the complete information that was required. All in all, I had a pleasant experience with them regarding the customer service. I never had to wait in the queue for my turn. The representatives who were helping me out were actually trained in customer services and how to deal with novices. Having educated and trained representatives is very important as they truly know how to deal with the clients.

Education Opportunities:

The website’s education section is where I found myself spending my time the most. The platformhas eBooks, Glossary, Asset Index, and FAQs. The available eBooks are 14 in total, all with tiny previews of what kind of information they have to offer. On the other hand, eBooks cover everything there is to know about the trading sector. In addition, they include input from A to Z. This aspect is essential to me because I am constantly feeling the need to educate myself and broaden my trade skills.

The glossary is another place where I found myself the most. This is great for novices that may find it too hard to be aware of other well-experienced traders’ terms and words daily. Hence the beginners will gain knowledge while trading, which seems like a great prospect. The FAQs are another place where traders can face their concerns. The most asked questions or the common fears that one might have are also enlisted in the FAQ section. Thus, it is another way to gain information. The last section in the education category is Asset Index. All the assets that can be invested in are enlisted alphabetically along with the trading hours.

Account Types:

At first, I had subscribed to the primary account type. I was very comfortable with it. It provides over 200 tradable assets worth over 250 euros with significant leverages up to 100. As I grew to gain more and more knowledge, I felt the need to step out of my comfort zone and gain more experience. I then subscribed to the silver category. The silver category offers over 200 tradable assets, significant leverages up to 200, market review, dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, lucrative spreads, trade room analysis tier 3, risk management planning, special venture promotions, and much more, all worth of 10,000 euros.

Of course, there two more categories, i.e., gold and platinum, with many more features. You may choose either according to your needs and what you are most comfortable with. The platinum category avails the opportunity to access the following characteristics: having over 220 tradable assets, market review, dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, lucrative spreads, private analyst sessions, complete access of webinars, access to lucrative VIP events, and complete access to trade room analysis.

Payment Methods:

There three payment methods that accessible to the customers i.e.

  1. Bank wire
  2. Maestro
  3. Master card

While these are a good collection of payment methods, I noticed that PayPal, Bitcoin, and VLoad were not included in the list, which might be more of a concern because it may not target a large clientele.

My experience with the withdrawal process was efficient. Even when I had to change my essential category to a Gold account, I had to face little to no difficulty, which I was happy about. It was easier to have the same methods with withdrawal and deposits as it makes the process a little faster.


The available assets are over 200 to choose from, including Crypto, Forex, Commodities, Stocks, and Indices. There aren’t many crypto options available though I do not invest in them as much as I invest in Stocks and Forex.


Overall, I had a very pleasing experience with Golden-Gate. I was able to educate myself on various terms and gain good experience. The customer service was to the point, and all of my confusion was steered clear. However, there were a few challenges, such as the small number of languages accessible and the volume of cryptocurrency being insufficient. Nevertheless, the platform is working on these features as well.Despite this, I must admit that I had such a smooth and fluent experience with a trading site in a long time, as it was as genuine as possible.

Today’s economy is high-paced. Finding a broker according to your liking and the one you feel the most comfortable using is challenging to look out for. However, I felt at ease while using this platform. It was straightforward and not complicated for me to get started on. It even gave me more experience and learning to do and upgraded my trading abilities. It is an excellent platform for novices and well-experienced traders to start their trading ventures. They will be well informed throughout the procedure. If a concern is to be faced, the customer service is always charming.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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