Earn XRP Easily Through These Crypto Saving Platforms

Holding or saving your Ripple cryptocurrency can earn you extra XRP. This may come as a surprise to many. If you want to learn more, then you should stick around.

Cryptocurrencies are mostly known for their volatile trait. You never know when it’s the right time to trade. To earn more in this community, you must be skilled at trading or simply hold your digital assets on a crypto saving platform and be paid based on your deposits. These platforms pay an interest calculated in annual percentage yield (APY), and this varies depending on the platform and coin you decide to use.

Here is a list of crypto-saving platforms that enable you to earn XRP easily.

Earn XRP with Binance

If you are new to cryptocurrency, then you should choose this platform. It is a user-friendly crypto-saving platform that allows you to earn XRP by locking your coins for some time and getting paid for it. You get to earn an annual interest of up to 8% depending on your deposits.

It does not end here. The platform is highly secure with private wallets that will help you store your coins safely without having to worry about incidents such as account hacking. Binance is dynamic, and once you become a member, you will benefit in other ways than just holding your tokens.

Earn XRP with YouHodler

This is a cryptocurrency savings platform that allows you to earn XRP by simply holding or lending your coins for some time and you will get compensated for this through interest earning. You can earn up to 5% APY for your Ripple, which is quite high given that you are not performing any tasks other than saving and being paid for it. This will help you to earn Ripple for free.  

On top of earning compounded interest that starts to accumulate immediately, YouHodler pays the earned interest every week right into your account. You can grow your investment with this or withdraw it to use on other things.


Coinbase is a well-known cryptocurrency storage platform that allows you to stake Ripple and get compensated for it in the form of interest. The platform provides world-class XRP holding services and allows users to generate interest in a hassle-free manner.

To begin, simply sign in on their page by entering your name and password, which will help protect your account from online intruders. Once you get your account, you can deposit Ripple and start earning compounded interest. You can redeem your interest regularly on the platform with ease. The good thing is that Coinbase has an integrated exchange platform, which makes investment a lot easier.


If you are looking for a dependable and user-friendly platform to earn XRP interest, you should consider BlockFi. With their high interest rate of 5% on deposits, you can earn Ripple by holding the asset. The platform is supported globally, so it’s best for international crypto investors.  

Whether you are a beginner or otherwise, you can rely on BlockFi platform because it is user-friendly and secure. Once you have an account that is loaded with Ripple, you will start to earn cryptocurrency interest and get an opportunity to withdraw your earnings regularly.


Finding a reputable and secure platform to earn Ripple can be challenging. Gemini is a US-based platform that allows its users to earn interest on XRP by staking the digital asset and receiving up to 7% annual interest depending on your deposits.

The more you stake, the more interest you earn. Hence, it is important to consider staking more. The platform allows investors to withdraw their interest easily or leave it intact to grow their investment. If you are patient, you could earn XRP passively and grow your investment with time.


Like most crypto saving platforms, Nexo allows you to hold XRP and earn up to 13 % APY. They also provide loan services, allowing you to borrow against your coins in exchange for fiat currency. On top of that, they are highly secure, so you don’t have to worry about losing your digital assets.

So, what do you need to get started? To earn XRP, you need to register on the platform and deposit Ripple. Navigate to the saving tab, read the terms and conditions, and get started. Nexo gives a compounded interest that you can redeem regularly. Some investors use their interest to grow their investment over time.


Crypto saving accounts seem to be changing how crypto enthusiasts invest. With the right crypto platform, you can earn up to 14% interest on XRP with just a few clicks. If you want to learn more, the above article provides you with the top best platforms to earn XRP on. The insights are invaluable for both newbies and experienced investors. Choose what suits you best and start growing your digital assets.

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