Digital Mining: Can It Earn You Money?

As of February 2021, Bitcoin, one type of digital currency, had a market capitalization of $1072.21 billion.

Digital currency mining is an intriguing option for cashing in on the growth of the digital currency industry.

But, will it earn you money? 

If you’re wondering about how digital mining works. Or, if it’s an appropriate revenue stream for you, you’re in the right place.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Digital Money Mining?

Digital currency mining is the process of making new digital currency by solving puzzles. These aren’t entertainment puzzles like Tetras, but computational puzzles. The people who engage in this process are called miners. 

Most commercial and consumer central processing units (CPUs) can’t handle the processing power that mining needs. This is why many miners now collaborate working together in mining “pools” using many CPUs to mine. 

Think of mining digital currency like mining for valuable gemstones or natural resources. Complex machinery is needed along with a series of steps, problem-solving, and a group of people with a diverse, but relevant, skillset. 

Digital money mining also helps the digital currency community keep an inventory of all-digital money, and ensures that all currency is tracked, and no counterfeit coins are made. 

What Are the Incentives of Digital Mining?

Miners are given rewards and other incentives for mining digital currency. For example, most miners receive fees for their work

Digital currency mining puzzles are called proof of work (PoW). These puzzles are very complex, multi-level math problems. Different mining assignments have different levels of difficulty. The more difficult the puzzle, the greater the digital currency reward. 

Some puzzles can take weeks to years to complete. The mining operations a miner has access to are dependant on their previous performance. So, the more efficient you are, the more opportunities for greater rewards you’ll have access to. 

How Does Digital Currency Mining Make Money? 

Like any business operation, how much money a mining opportunity can generate is largely dependant on the amount of, and quality of investment made into the operation. For example, digital currency mining requires a lot of electricity, more than you might expect.

Digital currency mining hardware is also very expensive, machinery can cost anywhere from $5,000 plus. But, there are some online stores like where savvy shoppers can get quality hardware at an affordable price. Your success is also highly dependant on your network. Your network will affect how fast and efficiently a miner can work. 

Like any business, your profit exists in the difference between your financial output and your input. Theoretically, the better quality of equipment, the more profit you’ll earn. But, that’s also not always true, which can make securing a large profit margin difficult. 

This is what separates digital currency mining from a “hobby.” It requires much too much knowledge and investment to be done without the awareness of profit. It’s also extremely risky, digital currency markets are highly sensitive and fluctuate drastically and frequently. 

How Does Digital Currency Mining Work?

Digital mining requires a high level of investment, time, energy, knowledge, and commitment. Like any new expensive interest, the more you know and the more you are genuinely interested in it, the more successful it will be. 

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