CVMarkets Review 2021- Can This Broker Improve Your Trading Skills and Profits?

As the world is moving forward to an advanced era where technology is taking over the world, it can be hard to keep up, especially if you are a trader or want to begin trading. It is necessary to have and gain as much knowledge for your advantage on this fast-paced date. I had started trading last year, and as a novice, I had been scammed and dealt with many issues that I hadn’t had the benefit to know beforehand, which is why I felt the need to write a detailed review on CVMarkets as it helped me a lot throughout my trading journey. Many young traders have invested in trading and are rapidly increasing in number. Therefore, it is vital to know all the basics about trading to build a better foundation for yourself.

As I have said, I started using the trading platform CVMarkets last year and got hooked right off the bat. There weremany features that I didn’t see on other trading platforms. It felt more comfortable to use and wasn’t confusing, which is excellent for all the young and rookie traders. The easier the forum is to use, the more it is beneficial for the clientele.

My First Impression – 4.0/5.0

The first thing that I perceived was the dark colors used that gave the platform a dull look. I would have preferred the website to have a lighter color contrast as it is easy o the eyes and gives a brightened look. The next thing that was pleasing to see was the 3D graphics used that gave the website an innovative look.

The layout was clean, easy to get to, and was structured with all the compulsory material in separate sections. The summaries given on the main are also beneficial and obliging as it provides more insight into what this specific trading platform has to offer. It provides further information and makes it easier. The platform is easy to use and accessible too. The layout is impressive, advanced, and eye-catching as well.

Overall, I enjoyed the platform’s look as it made it exciting and attractive to the eye. If a lighter and brighter color contrast as to be used, it would’ve made it much enjoyable.

The Layout – 3.8/5.0

Despite the dark theme, the 3D graphics were enticing as they gave the website a fresh look and set it apart from the rest of the trading platforms. The top right corner of the screen shows the date and time, and the live chat option is available at the bottom right corner of the screen. However, one factor that turned me off was that English was the only language available. This could build a dialectal barrier for foreign customers, preventing them from using the service. The security information is also shown at the bottom of the main tab.

All the required contents are listed in an organized manner, making it easier to access the information you are looking for. Furthermore, cited are Education Center, Account Types, Trading Platform, and Info.

Education Center – 4.2 / 5.0

The education center consists of Assets Index, Glossary, eBooks, and FAQs that helpedme throughout my trading experience and made it easier for me to understand the trading lingo and develop my winning trading strategy.

  • Asset Index

The asset index has all the assets available to you in an alphabetical order making it much more efficient and easier to find the asset that you are looking for. In addition, the expiration rule and trading hours are mentioned alongside the assets.

  • Glossary

A glossary is an excellent place for the novices to learn about the terms used daily in the trading industry. The words are also stated alphabetically with their meanings. This will help you to further improve your knowledge about trading.

  • eBooks

Twelve eBooks are offered in the ebook section, where each ebook summarizes what it provides. I found myself reading quite a lot here as it further enriched my understanding of trading. This section covers almost everything that I needed to know about trading giving me more to learn to improve my skills. However, the platform could enhance the eBooks by adding more advanced level material. When I finished studying all the books, I wanted to learn all the advanced tricks and strategies. So, providing a vast range of reading material would also benefit the platform and the clients.

  • FAQs

The FAQs section is very accommodating for the young traders, and the beginners as all the questions that might occur to you might already be answered in this section.

My Experience with Customer Service – 4.3 / 5.0

Customer service is a crucial part of a trading platform. If the customers have a badencounter, it will impact their experience using the website. On the other hand, good customer service has 24/7 availability, and the responses are rapid and have the information required by the customer.

The live chat option is offered at the bottom right corner of the screen. The available options to contact them areLive Chat, Email, and Telephone Lines.

They provided telephone service on the weekdays and only to the UK and Australia, again limiting the vastness of their reach towards their clientele. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the telephone lines are temporarily closed.

I had used the live chat option to contact them as I feel more at ease with chatting than being on the phone. The responses were quick and very informative. All my concerns and issues were solved, and it made my experience much better and easy.

Account Types – 4.0 / 5.0

Unlike other trading platforms, CVMarkets has many different account types available to the customers. According to their needs, the clients can choose whichever account type, and the features that it offers are the most beneficial for them and comfortable for them to use. The account types stated,and the website are Self Manage, Basic, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Libra.

Each account type has its benefits and advantages, making me feel at ease, especially as an amateur trader.

  • Self-Manage

Market review, improved leverage up to 100 are availed in the Self-Manage account type worth 250 euros.

  • Basic

The basic account type offers market review, dedicated account manager, trading bonus, improved spreads (basic spread), improved leverage up to 200, and extraordinary ventures.

  • Gold

The gold account type offers much more like gold spreads, trading signals, tier 2 trade room, financial planning, risk management planning, private analyst session, and priority withdrawal, all worth 10,000 euros.

  • Platinum

The platinum account type has the same offerings as the gold account and constitutes further platinum spreads, up to 300 improved leverage, complete access trade room, and the invitation to VIP events, all available for 25,000 euros.

  • Diamond

In this account type diamond spread, up to 400 improved leverages, bitcoin package for the trade room are vacant, and all offered in the platinum account type.

  • Libra

The Libra account type is only on the invitation, so unless you’re invited, only you will enjoy the contributions. However, I am looking forward to being requested to enjoy this platform and all that they have to offer.


As I had a bit of experience before using this platform, I had a clear view of what to expect.Icould judge a platform as such and determine if it is user-friendly and take my trading skills to another level, making me more advanced in this industry. It takes much courage to get back into trading after getting scammed and find a trading platform where you can trust it and be at ease while using it. This website has positively changed my view of trading.

Here are my thoughts and my experience using this platform to conclude this review. First, the platform itself made an excellent first impression.

The layout was in a systematized manner, making the necessary contents reachable to you. In addition, the customer service was quick and responsive. It gave me all the information that I needed and further helped me improve my trading skills.

The education center is where I learned even further about trading, and it gave me a clear and knowledgeable perspective about investment strategies. Hence, I had learned throughout and had the chance to polish up my trading skills.

The withdrawal process was also enjoyable. I received an email instantly confirming the withdrawal, which made me feel relaxed.

Additionally, I had to change my account type from gold to platinum, and despite the situation, my experience was pleasurable.

Such a trading platform is sure to change the trading industry and make it better with its advanced and modern features.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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