Celebrating 105 years Since Kawasaki Began Manufacturing Hele-Shaw

Celebrating 105 years Since Kawasaki Began Manufacturing Hele-Shaw

Type Radial Piston Pumps and 64 Years Since The birth of The Staffa Motor

It is now a little more than a long time since Kawasaki started fabricating Hele-Shaw type outspread cylinder siphons, and 64 years since the introduction of the Staffa Motor. Way back in 1916, Kawasaki began to make the creative Hele-Shaw type spiral cylinder siphons which were just the second item on the globe intended for use with water-powered oil.

Since the improvement of this first siphon, Kawasakinow drives the water power industry in the sheer volume of creation and limit, manufacturing a wide scope of items, including water-powered engines, valves siphons, and different pressure-driven segments for portable, modern, and marine apparatus, to give some examples key applications.

In 1957, George Hally junior, beforehand a Hercules spiral airplane motor originator, planned the main ever pressure-driven outspread cylinder engine which he named “Staffa” Motor and presently more than 500,000 Staffa engines have been sold; a considerable lot of which are as yet being used today following very long difficult situation free help.

Initially planned and made to work in the brutal climate of coal mineshafts, the Staffa engine was immediately found to be an intense and solid engine and it before long turned out to be very well known any place a dependable direct-drive arrangement was required. In the years that have followed, Kawasaki Precision Machinery engineers have improved and refined the engine’s plan and development until the item is the thing that you see today.

Today, present-day strategies like limited component examination, progressed materials and coatings, computational liquid elements, and best-in-class testing offices empower us to keep on pushing the working limits of this interesting group of engines.

Kawasaki Staffa engines are completely made at the assembling office in Plymouth, here in the UK, where Kawasaki keeps on putting a large number of pounds in the most recent creation innovation. This has empowered them to constantly further develop their assembling measures, keeping up with the world-driving quality and dependability of Kawasaki  Staffa Motors that our industry requests.

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